The path-deps Extension

This extension supports expressing inter-element dependencies based on paths, inspired by the intercooler.js dependencies mechanism. When this extension is installed an element can express a dependency on another path by using the path-deps property and then setting hx-trigger to path-deps:

  <div hx-get="/example"

This div will fire a GET request to /example when any other element issues a mutating request (that is, a non-GET request like a POST) to /foo/bar or any sub-paths of that path.

You can use a * to match any path component:

  <div hx-get="/example"


<script src=""></script>


<div hx-ext='path-deps'>
  <ul hx-get="/list" hx-trigger="path-deps" path-deps="/list">
  <button hx-post="/list">
     Post To List

#Javascript API

#Method - PathDeps.refresh()

This method manually triggers a refresh for the given path.

  // Trigger a refresh on all elements with the path-deps attribute '/path/to/refresh', including elements with a parent path, e.g. '/path'