The disable-element Extension

NOTE: This extensions functionality has been folded into the core of htmx via the hx-disabled-elt attribute

This extension disables an element during an htmx request, when configured on the element triggering the request.


<script src=""></script>


#Nominal case: disabling the element triggering the request

<button hx-get="/whatever" hx-ext="disable-element" hx-disable-element="self">Click me</button>

#Disabling another element

<button hx-get="/whatever" hx-ext="disable-element" hx-disable-element="#to-disable">Click me</button>
<button id="to-disable">Watch me being disabled</button>

#Disabling multiple elements

<button hx-get="/whatever" hx-ext="disable-element" hx-disable-element=".to-disable">Click me</button>
<button class="to-disable">Watch me being disabled</button>
<button class="to-disable">Watch me being disabled also</button>